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I truly freaking like doing skin.

Is that boring?


It may be, however it’s true. I believe my biggest makeup/beauty enthusiasms right now are foundation as well as concealer, which I’ve gotten extremely passionate about, as well as it’s mainly gotten to this point over the past two years, since for the longest time, foundation was more like an afterthought for me. just something I did after doing the genuine work on my eyes, cheeks as well as lips, a.k.a. the color.

Now I’m consumed with discovering ALL. THE. WAYS. to get perfect-looking skin that don’t include utilizing 300 pounds of makeup.

It’s challenging, dude!


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Maybe it occurred after I had Connor at 41, however I swear to gawd, that very first year of mom life was like a dog year. It felt like seven years passing over the program of 12 months. I’m not kidding!

But yeah, I’m really, truly passionate about foundation now, as well as this realization occurred to me the other day after somebody asked me what my preferred foundation is, as well as I couldn’t provide a one-word answer. Clackin’ away at the keyboard, I kept thinking, “I might talk about this for weeks.”

I want to discover whatever there is to understand about foundation. Like, if I had unlimited resources ($), girl, you understand what I’d do? I’d evaluation every single foundation in the world just to be able to try them. then I’d arrange for personal makeup lessons with Sir John, Charlotte Tilbury as well as Pat McGrath. I believe that would be so much fun!

Or am I just crazy? Does anyone else believe that would be awesome?

Stew on that for a second, as well as if you have a moment between sips of coffee that I hope is hot as well as delicious, right here are some articles that stimulated my rate of interest this week. I hope you discover something interesting.

After seeing this wonderful picture series of things that preschoolers stock in their pockets, I desire I might go back in time as well as see what I utilized to keep in mine.

The styles as well as innovative nail art at Nailympia, one of the most prestigious nail competitions in the world, are BANANAS. It’s regarded as one of the fairest nail competitions since of its strict impartial judging guidelines.

Tim Gunn (who, in my mind, is my mentor/style godfather) phone calls out the fashion market as well as asks for designers to create clothes that work for all body shapes as well as sizes, as well as not just extremely tall, thin women.

What 10 people used to their interviews with Anna Wintour (P.S. I would most likely wear high-waisted stretch pants)

Ever question why beauty brands do gift-with-purchases, however nobody else truly does? Here’s why.

Affordable drugstore skin care brand simple has new hydrating cleansers for super dry skin.

The story of Patrick Ta is what occurs when It women find you on Instagram as well as strike up your makeup career.

A dad developed an OTT two-story playhouse for his youngster in the backyard, as well as all I have to state is, “Can I move in already?” That thing appears like a mini-mansion!

Revlon has a cool new hair dryer that appears like something from The fifth Element.

A conclusive timeline of Donatella Versace’s beauty evolution

Allegedly, this is the work bag expert women everywhere have been looking for.

Get to understand one of West Africa’s most daring designers, Amaka Osakwe.

The Fenty beauty holiday (via Sephora’s Instagram) looks BOSS.

Sam fine is a legend in the makeup world.


I’m headed out! going to the east Bay to go to my household as well as some buddies I haven’t seen in a while. have a fantastic rest of your day as well as a wonderful weekend. talk to you soon.

Your friendly community beauty addict,