Smile ? for the camera!
It’s difficult for me to believe that there was really a time pre-selfie, when the selfie ? didn’t exist. even though it truly wasn’t that long ago. (Think about it: was anybody selfie-ing back in 2002? NAW, DAWG!)

I like them for practical reasons, like inspecting to see if my eyebrows are fairly even, gauging just exactly how tired I look on a scale of 1 to zombie at any type of provided moment, figuring out if I have asparagus stuck in my teeth…


Of course, they’re likewise handy for catching special moments with buddies as well as family. Those are always fun.

I can’t state that I loathe them, however I have buddies who do, as well as they’ll stop at nothing to prevent taking a selfie.

Believe it or not, the person in my life who likes them the most is my mom! She’s always angling for a selfie, no matter exactly how routine or mundane whatever we’re doing is. Running to Target? Let’s take a selfie! sitting on the couch watching Sesame street with the baby? TIME FOR A SELFIE. It’s cute. She has a lot on her phone with her as well as my dad, as well as half of them have a thumbprint in the frame.

Ahhh… Parents!

Which leads me to our extremely important concern of the day. Selfies: like ’em or loathe ’em?


Your friendly community beauty addict,


P.S. T.G.I.Brat! ?