Hello, friend! good morning and happy independence Day to you! sending major good vibes for a safe, wonderful weekend. The fam and I are about to head off grid for a brief camping trip, and by “off the grid,” I mean that we’re going car camping to clear Lake about two hours north, and just south of Mendocino Forest. It’ll be just the few of us, masks coming along too, of course. fun fact: at 2.5 million years old, clear Lake is the oldest lake in North America.


Whatever you’re doing this weekend, please stay safe, especially if you’re going to be on the road. A nurse friend once told me that her patients awaiting organ transplants, and their loved ones and caregivers, couldn’t help but think about the possibilities around the fourth of July weekend due to the number of fatal car accidents… That’s life. So please be careful.


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I feel seen.

I can’t go for that.

You’re beautiful.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,