The new Soap & Glory Righteous Butter diamond Edition
I just rubbed a whole glob of Soap & Glory’s diamond edition Righteous Butter lotion on my limbs, and now there’s so much silver glitter on me that I look ready to rave circa 1995.

Just add glow sticks and platforms.


The diamond edition is a lot more or less like the regular Righteous Butter, except with lots of silver glitter. It has the same sweet white floral fragrance (reminds me of the old Dior miss Cherie, which I loved), and it’s just as moisturizing, too.

But the glitter! Duuude, there’s a ton! I can’t decide whether it’s a lot more cheesy or Victoria’s secret runway…

Whatever, I’ll still rock it.


I can’t seem to find it anywhere online here in the U.S. yet, so I’m not sure when it’ll be widely available, but keep an eye out for that sparkly silver glitter if you’re a Righteous Butter fan.

PRICE: $15 for a substantial 10.1-oz. jar.
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to Soap & Glory counters
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: A

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,