searching for something fun, academic as well as interactive to finish with your bit one? try showing them exactly how to utilize the video camera on your phone to take pics of the excellent outdoors while you’re on a walk. See the world with their eyes!

Every morning, rain or shine, without fail, during the stay-at-home purchase we’re under right here in California, Connor Claire as well as I go out for a walk around the neighborhood, so we can get some fresh air, stretch our legs, as well as get allllll the wiggles out. We’re typically out about an hour, which is sufficient time to wear her out before her nap, as well as that nap time is golden! (I’ll typically do some work or capture in a workout.)

Sometimes, we’ll just casually roam around as well as inspect out flowers as well as state hi to the community cats, however other times I’ll try to do a much more structured outside activity to keep things interesting, such as this one: discovering exactly how to take pictures.


Connor took these photos of our neighborhood…

You certainly don’t requirement any type of elegant equipment. Your phone (ideally, with a durable situation as well as a screen protector in situation of accidental drops) or an old digital video camera will work fine.

You likewise don’t requirement comprehensive photography experience. With phones these days, the photos virtually take themselves.

Connor’s hands are still extremely small, so I assist her hold the video camera while she takes her pics, however other than that, she makes all the executive art director decisions. When we’re walking around as well as she sees something she wishes to take a photo of, she tells me to stop, as well as I take the phone/camera out. I assist her choose if she wants the photo vertical or horizontal, then we frame the shot, as well as she pushes the shutter button.


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A few things to keep in mind

Still like statues: For a clear, sharp picture, you as well as your bit one will want to stand as still as possible to reduce the motion of the camera. I’ll have Connor do a bit “wiggle dance” or run a few circles, as well as then when it’s time to take the picture, we pretend to be statues as well as stand as still as possible.

Choose a theme: think about selecting a style before you begin your walk, like flowers in your neighborhood, dogs, or numbers. Our style for our newest photography session was “signs of spring,” which ties in with what we’re doing for preschool homeschool this week.

Crazy about collages: If you can print pics at home, print your child’s preferred pics, as well as have them glue the shots into a collage.

This activity isn’t just for the kids, either. exactly how about stretching your photography muscles, too? utilize your phone’s video camera on your walks outside to file what moves you!


Your friendly community charm addict,


P.S. Well, it appears like I’ll be doing a great deal of outside activities such as this one with CoyCoy in the near future since the institutions in Marin will most likely be closed up until at least may 1.