OK, so perhaps it is absolutely saying to both like makeup as well as likewise be absolutely into anything as well as whatever with a lip print on it, however to that I state this: “MWWWAHH!” since I don’t care! I like a adorable lip print, ya feel me?

These charming Betsey Johnson cosmetics bags are at DSW. I identified them the last time I was there. They were tucked away on a cluttered shelf in the money wrap area, otherwise understood as “Impulse get Heaven.”


The bigger bags, the ones with the pink lips, are $29.95, as well as the smaller ones with the gold lips are $19.95. I believed about getting one as a spare/backup Christmas present for someone, however then I realized, who am I kidding? I’d just end up providing it to myself…

Still adorable though, aren’t they? If infant woman were of age, I’d fill one with makeup as well as hair accessories for her.


I’m not seeing the bigger bag online, however the smaller one with the gold lips is offered now on the DSW website.

Your friendly community appeal addict,