Aloha nui loa from Oahu! hope you’re doing well. yesterday was a pretty fun day. We drove out to a shrimp shack on the north side of the island for lunch, then stopped by Haleiwa town for shave ice on the way back to our hotel.

It’s funny, but despite this being a fairly small island, it takes a while to get around because of…traffic! lots of cars on this little island, and it can easily take a lot more than an hour to get anywhere. but there’s a lot to see along the way, and it’s beautiful.


This morning we had our coffee and bananas on the beach. I got in a quick workout, and now we’re meeting my in-laws at California Pizza kitchen at Kahala mall for lunch.

I still haven’t identified any great kitty modeling talent…so Tabs is on my case. The only contender lives at the shrimp farm we visited, but she skittered away before I could make her an offer on behalf of Tabs the cat industries LLC to represent her in her modeling career.


So, the quest continues!

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,