No a lot more Mr. great Cat.

That’s it. Tabs is officially over trying to discuss with trespassers like Harris who have no feline courtesy or respect for boundaries. It’s time for Tabs 2.0, as well as this tabby ain’t messing around.


Tabs went with black roses on his collar today to send a message to every feline in the community that they don’t want none of this, as well as they much better step off.

Tabs was all service on patrol this morning. He left no leaf unturned.

We inspected around every corner as well as inside every hedge, as well as there were no feline sightings.

Lucky for them, too, since Tabs was prepared to throw down.


I mean, Tabs is a lover, not a fighter, at heart, however often you just gotta go Liam Neeson from Taken, ya know? “I will look for you, I will discover you, as well as I will scratch the heck out of you!”

Your friendly community appeal addict,