wearing Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye shadows in chocolate and Espresso on my lids and lash lines.
Why are so lots of beautiful brown shadows named after something delicious, like Espresso and Chocolate? I call foul. It’s unfair.

For the O.M.R. (Official makeup Record), you can’t eat this Espresso or this Chocolate, two beautiful matte browns in the Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye shadow line, but considering that they’re on sale at Target ideal now for $5.99 each (regularly $7.99), you can use the extra change in your pocket to get an actual espresso or something chocolate.


GIRL YOU know IT’S TRUE. I go buck wild for brown eyeshadows (probably a lot more than the average bear, but what are you gonna do?). These two creams are on the cool-toned side, and they’re shades that you could absolutely use, like, everyday if you’re into natural-looking or no-makeup makeup, which I am.

Chocolate is a medium taupe-ish brown, and Espresso is a grayish chocolate brown. Both look equally delicious.

I examined some of the shimmer cream shadows from this line last spring, and I love them because they’re like sheer versions of the MAC paint Pots. They’re long lasting, easy to blend, and they don’t look dry or heavy on my finely lined lids.


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The matte versions are similar, I’m delighted to report.

Chocolate and Espresso

I love cool browns like these because I kind of have a hooded lid situation. My crease isn’t very deep, but using these is generally like painting shadows on lids. They make eyes look deeper than they really are.

But even if you aren’t seeking to create illusions on your lids, I still think these are great for everyday looks, because they’re sheer. (But wait! let me explain.)

I’m wearing both chocolate and Espresso on my lids and lower lash lines
Many makeup lovers equate sheer with sub-par quality, and it’s true. often sheer is a code word for cheap, but that’s not always the case. Some sheer shadows are really good, and sheer cream shadows are less work to use, because you don’t have to fuss while blending and blowing out those edges. You can seriously do your eye makeup — brows, lids, lashes, and maybe even liner if you’re incredibly quick — in three minutes using one or two of these shadows.

Busy ladies (and gents), these are for you.

I wore both Espresso and chocolate yesterday for 10 hours without primer and saw very little fading. That’s good.


I have dry lids, by the way, so if yours are incredibly oily, you may want to prep with primer first.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,