Gonna miss this spot!
SO numerous CHANGES. huge ones too. The nearest Ulta store in San Rafael is/was a few miles south of me, as well as we were just driving down highway 101 last weekend when I saw that the store was shut down, appears like permanently. There were huge “closed” indications in the windows. Cue glittery tears. ?

I’m so bummed since I utilized to spend hours wandering around that location pre-COVID. They had a fantastic range of hair conditioners as well as styling products from higher end to budget. one of my preferred things to do was checked out the labels on the hair products…


Oh, as well as the other day I got an email from SpaceNK stating that my close-by store in Larkspur is closing as well.

At a meet-and-greet at SpaceNK a few years ago
I did an event with them a few years back, as well as I have a soft area for that store as well as the endlessly kind as well as well-informed makeup artists who work there. truly unfortunate to see them go!

My preferred thing to do there was to play with their Byredo perfume display. I’d go in as well as spray every scent they had on each as well as every offered square inch of skin on my body, hoping I’d find a new perfume to like much more than Gypsy Water (but, in the end, I’ve always liked Gypsy Water the most; go figure).


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As for Sephora, the closest one to me at vintage Oaks right here in Novato has been shut down for months. Like, actually boarded up so you can’t even peek with the windows. I believe the last time I was in that store was either January or February. I have purchased a few things from Sephora because then, however I haven’t stepped into a physical Sephora store in a long while… I question what they look like now without the testers. would I be scared to touch anything? It’s crazy to me to believe of all the times I sat in a chair in Sephora while a makeup artist showed me a new product or taught me a new technique.

Like I said, great deals of huge charm (and other) store modifications out this way.


How about in your neck of the woods? exactly how has charm (and non-beauty) retail store buying altered so far this year where you are?

Your friendly community charm addict,